Congrats Mr. Coutard... I hope to ride in one of your buses...

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Congrats Mr. Coutard...

I hope to ride in one of your buses soon.

Cj, August 23 2013, 6:26 AM

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Topic: First Bus MADE IN HAITI Unveiled

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I am so proud of the people involved with this invention and let's keep moving forward. read more >
Marie Salomon Diaz-cervo, 22-Aug-13 4:12 pm
Wow, CONGRATULATION to my haitian BROTHER... This is the first step, hope more will come out in the near future. Great news!!! read more >
Ralph Leon, 22-Aug-13 4:59 pm
This is great new congratulations. It good to see Haiti making advancement in public transportation, technology, and their people. Coming from a... read more >
Rdecatusorphangehaiti, 22-Aug-13 6:19 pm
Mwen kontan anpil. This is great news. Keep the good news coming. I will be back in Haiti in early 2014 and hope to get a look at this bus. read more >
Patsey Abner, 22-Aug-13 7:18 pm
Maybe Haiti will not be coco-rate anymore read more >
Patrick Princivil, 22-Aug-13 8:06 pm
That's Amazing news for Haiti! So now the Haitian government can plan a modern public transportation that everybody will be proud of... read more >
Anglade Dieudonne, 22-Aug-13 8:06 pm
This is a brake for our loving country call Haiti god is in our side man I wish the best of luck it's a big step for Haitian read more >
Jean Nerva, 22-Aug-13 8:36 pm
Congrats Mr. Coutard... I hope to ride in one of your buses soon. read more >
Cj, 23-Aug-13 6:26 am
Let's build it and keep it We need respect in the eyes of others Like our neighbor DR I am proud of you let's do it Congratulations read more >
Jasmine, 23-Aug-13 7:55 am
Congratulations Mr Coutard. I'm proud ofyou brother. Finally nou kapab leve tet nou devan blan yo pou nou montre yo nou gain valeur too. read more >
Marie J Gabriel, 23-Aug-13 11:16 am
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