Moving Back To Haiti - I Did It...

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Topic: Moving Back To Haiti - I Did It...

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Thank you Woodring for sharing this thoughtful article, I have the same dream, one day to move to my dear country Haiti, there is nothing like your... read more >
Sherlyp, 23-Jun-13 11:30 pm
I think it will be cool if you open up a restaurant in Jacmel, my Grandma is from Jacmel, but ever since she died i haven't been there. I will visit... read more >
Richie, 24-Jun-13 7:54 am
I want to see you in Haiti when I come next. Like many there I grew up in a house without electric, plumbing, a mud road. But like so many Haitians... read more >
Floyd, 24-Jun-13 12:28 pm
I Will Pray for you, i do agree with you. Mwen men'm pap fe plan pou'm retounen, tout moun'n ap dim menm sa yo di'w, yap fe kem kase map priye sou... read more >
Yvette Edouard, 24-Jun-13 4:40 pm
Woody, I respect your views in going back to Haiti. The fear factor is real, but with a positive insights of life and the belief on God will make it... read more >
Eric Berrouet, 25-Jun-13 12:21 pm
I have always wanted to create a coffee/martini bar in Jacmel. What do you need to make this happen? read more >
Lynne, 25-Jun-13 9:27 pm
Entierement d'accord. Nous sommes tous en mission afin de retourner un jour en Haiti pour sa reconstruction. Map aprannn tout sa ki necese pou'm... read more >
Jean Claude, 25-Jun-13 10:09 pm
Keep up the good work. My dream is to return home and contribute to the restoration of a great nation. read more >
Jean Mirville, 26-Jun-13 1:03 pm
mwen too mwen fe menm bagay, mwen pa ka viv san ayiti, en ayiti mwen vo anpil, mwen ede, tout kote mwen pase. read more >
Miejo, 26-Jun-13 3:07 pm
Money and the land to build read more >
Negbelair, 26-Jun-13 6:09 pm
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