Moving Back To Haiti - I Did It...

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Topic: Moving Back To Haiti - I Did It...

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Thank you Woodring for sharing this thoughtful article. As a young woman, one of my dreams is to go back to Haiti and spend the rest of my days... read more >
Santia, 22-Jun-13 6:09 pm
Way to go bro! But don't stagnate to just personal business and participate actively in the struggle to uplift the nation. read more >
Pierre Richard, 22-Jun-13 8:05 pm
I am a chef and I want to go back to Haiti and open a lounge a festive type of busines right in Jacmel tourists baby restaurant, bar music BBq... read more >
Negbelair, 22-Jun-13 8:35 pm
Great decision as long as will contribute to Haiti's progress. Good luck and God Bless! read more >
Patrick, 22-Jun-13 8:38 pm
I do agree with you woody. Your though about Haiti is fabulous. I am praying for you. Are you in Haiti now? Be bless. read more >
Emmanuel, 22-Jun-13 8:54 pm
I wish you good luck. No matter where you live you always have to be careful. Keep doing the good job. read more >
Cesaire Flobert, 22-Jun-13 9:16 pm
The only thing you probably fail to mention, is that your immediate family by which I mean your wife and kids are probably still in america. I... read more >
Ddesir, 22-Jun-13 11:15 pm
You are MY HERO. I hope to be where you are soon. Your statement "I believe that the few of us who left Haiti were sent on a mission: To learn... read more >
Maggie B, 22-Jun-13 11:24 pm
For those of us with that special love for our beloved Haiti, we sometimes felt like we don't belong anywhere else but there. I know that I do most... read more >
David, 23-Jun-13 3:01 am
mwen gen 3 fre ki getan retounen. nan kelke ane mwen gen poum retounen tou. read more >
Kreyolman, 23-Jun-13 7:14 pm
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