Moving Back To Haiti - I Did It...

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Topic: Moving Back To Haiti - I Did It...

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Wood all the best...well said...I'm jaleous of your patrie and that is where soul is.. I'm will follow you real soon.....NO PLACE like HOME read more >
Cj, 22-Jun-13 11:24 am
Good decision, i did the same after living in the US for more then 30 years. Now back home, running my own business ( Hospitality Business) received... read more >
Jude Estinfil, 22-Jun-13 11:31 am
Congrats Woody! May God continue to lead, guide, and protect you. Best move ever..... "The Raw Mentality Of Success", Author read more >
Tabie, 22-Jun-13 12:01 pm
Woody, very good what u did. Was always my dream... but I just lost a cousin 2 days ago... He dared stay when they attack him twice... I understand... read more >
Rickety, 22-Jun-13 12:27 pm
Love this article! Expresses my sentiments exactly! Been following ur newsletter for over 5 years now! Always love ur perspective on the ongoing... read more >
Gonzales Joseph, 22-Jun-13 1:14 pm
Bravo e Bon chans! read more >
Gail, 22-Jun-13 1:18 pm
I completely agree with you. I am planning to move back soon. read more >
Eddy, 22-Jun-13 2:09 pm
I will join you in fews years to come Good luck woody I am so proud of you, it was my dream to goback in Haiti after my visit last month Haiti is... read more >
Marie, 22-Jun-13 3:28 pm
I am so happy for you. I will follow you in one year. God bless. read more >
Yanick, 22-Jun-13 3:36 pm
Listen to your instinct brother. I just find myself wandering what I'm still doing in a boring place like NewPortRichie. read more >
Patrick Gaspard, 22-Jun-13 4:53 pm
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