" I visited Haiti with a team from CGSD and CEISIN to...

Barbara Murphy-bridge - June 10 2013, 6:30 PM

* " I visited Haiti with a team from CGSD and CEISIN to explore some of the current constraints and opportunities in the agriculture sector.

The problems faced by Haitian farmers have been well documented; small land plots, limited access to agricultural inputs and improved technologies, disputed land tenure rights, degraded watersheds and low levels of government investment in agricultural research are among the many factors that have weakened the sector's output over the last few decades.


* " As we passed through the bustling market places in Haiti, we saw firsthand how they were teeming with USA branded sacks of rice. It's easy to understand why US rice occupies such a dominant place in the market - it's cheap.

With US rice only subject to import tariffs of 3% (down from 50% before the mid 1990s), imported US rice significantly undercuts the national product.

Plus, rice that is grown and milled efficiently in the US can keep up with the increasing demand in Haiti for the product."

Read more: cgsd.columbia.edu/2012/06/16/domestic-.../

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