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How difficult is it to do business in haiti? more »
Afubaa, 02/16/17 11:08 PM
How difficult is to acquire a in Haiti? What are the outstanding needs of the Haitian people? What are the security concerns in Haiti? What is the unemployment rate? What Are the... more »
Afubaa, 02/16/17 11:04 PM
I will be very happy to working for the american embassy,so thank you before starting. more »
Schneyder Exil, 02/16/17 9:13 AM
if you are in need of a haitian passport please contact Gethro Samedi @ 4802-6110 or 3993-1475 asap...he is the best man that i know will get you a passport in reasonable time more »
James, 02/15/17 12:40 PM
Mwen pa pander anyen paske St Valentin Dee fete chak koi depi Bonnie fe ou gras ou leve se pou ou madam ou me ou renmen li alo se pa sel 14 Fevrier pou Bali chokola ou Dee fe li... more »
Gabart Leneus, 02/15/17 10:31 AM
Pamper your taste buds with this #Organic Salem #Mangoes directly from #Salem - #Malgova mangoes. Buy this #Chemical free #naturally ripened Mangoes from #Farmers of Salem at... more »
Mango, 02/14/17 7:26 PM
Bonsoir,je voulais travailler comme agent de sécurité au sein de votre institution more »
Aniola Dorsainvil, 02/14/17 6:14 PM
Nèg paka di kém twò négatif! Dat politisyen rabi tap trennen péyi Dayiti nan kaka? Sak fè yo pa kontinyé? Mwen viré paj istwa péyi... more »
Patrick Princivil, 02/14/17 4:19 PM
very nice. sometimes the simple little thing usually the one one will remember for years to come more »
Linda, 02/14/17 2:19 PM
gourd nou an perdi VALÈ li paske nou produi mwens nou achte plus nan payi etrange more »
Jocelyne, 02/12/17 4:48 PM