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bonjou tout zanmim yo ak enmim yo! se esprem te fè mwen pat janm di anyen sou rezo a poum te wè kiyès kretyen ki tap parèt ak yon repons pozitif sou zafè... more »
Patrick Princivil, 03/17/17 12:20 AM
The department of Homeland security please just added an 18 months extension to the temporary protected status (TPS)for all Haitian.please give us more 18 months extension. more »
Dacheline Metayer, 03/16/17 6:07 PM
Dear readers my name is Louis Junior am a driver and I speak English fluently I offering my self to become one of Red cross workers team. I had couple's experience in company And... more »
Junior Louis, 03/16/17 9:20 AM
They went on strike? Didn't know that, anyway I'm glad to hear that's over. more »
Evincent, 03/16/17 8:30 AM
Christianisation se toujou sistem esklav la ke kolon yo pote ba nou sou fom bondye epi yo fe nou konnen vodou se bagay kimal e nou kwe ladann vre fok yo domine nou pou nou ka... more »
Junior Sou Facebook, 03/16/17 6:22 AM
Religion is all fucked up, whoever is preaching Christianity is all fucked up by religion. Those Haitian pastors are keeping these people in ignorance so that they can fill up... more »
Ghislaine Decayette, 03/16/17 2:28 AM
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Homeloan, 03/15/17 3:15 PM
Sorry, I don't believe this is true for the majority. There may be some like that but not many. I never heard that song or anything similar sung in churches. more »
Bobv, 03/15/17 2:10 PM
That is the reason I do not go to a Haitian church more »
F Etienne, 03/15/17 12:36 PM