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Someone with guts needs to tell him. He procrastinated in order to divert attention from his indictment. Tell him Val. more »
Bwa Sanfey, 03/23/17 11:10 AM
I always wander about the same question. more »
F Etienne, 03/22/17 10:53 AM
I am interested in this recycled school furniture please may I have the name and address of the manufacturer more »
Anne, 03/22/17 8:25 AM
De pi ou se haitien, akòz nèg palman yo, tout kote ou pase yo ap imilye w more »
Aceus Sou Facebook, 03/21/17 3:59 PM
Sa se pa ka yon harsard, jan Wyclef popilè pou yo arete l pou lòt moun. Sa pa dwe fèt more »
Dave Sou Facebook, 03/21/17 2:23 PM
Pagen moun kipa konn Wiklef, se yon konplo, antouka res yo fe kob lotbo vin viv nan peyiw, se yon avetisman yo bali more »
Fenelon Sou Facebook, 03/21/17 2:22 PM
To think: A Visa to the Dominican Republic sells for about $200 US in Haiti; each trip to the Dominican Republic will cost you at least $200 US. Some Haitians travel to the... more »
Rachel, 03/21/17 1:55 PM
Po dyab! Sé pa rasis, polis yo pa pafè, yo jis fè yon érè. Polis ap jis di Wiclef (sorry) épi tout bagay fini. Pagen bagay la a pou nèg ap... more »
Patrick Princivil, 03/21/17 12:50 PM
Sad very sad we know you better prayers your way more »
Liliane Chery, 03/21/17 12:23 PM
Mistake happened...If you dress with a bandana on your head they will think you are a thug...Get over it you are black man in America. more »
F Etienne, 03/21/17 12:06 PM