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Si yap akizé menm prézidan nan blanchiman lajan. Sé pou tout péyizan fout planté mayigwana épi exporté yo o Zéta zini ak Canada pou yo... more »
Patrick Princivil, 03/26/17 5:03 AM
Mwen ta wont pasé mésaj sa a. more »
Patrick Princivil, 03/26/17 4:48 AM
Well that's how it used to be. When I say "used" I mean before the romans used currency to charge humans money for everything and instill taxes. God created us to help... more »
Ghislaine Decayette, 03/25/17 9:39 PM
I am in. I would love to see a lot of the road in Haiti paved more »
Allen, 03/25/17 10:37 AM
Sorry I can't be there to help, but it is a great way for communities to bond and build and I believe an African tradition. We had it Trinidad in our rural areas where it is... more »
Kelvin Scoon, 03/25/17 10:10 AM
Put me down I am in more »
Guy Claude Fleury, 03/25/17 9:56 AM
Probably, they are among the few who are forced to pay taxes while the prospective present or prime minister never do unless nominate for a post. This Haiti for you Baby. more »
Pierre, 03/23/17 2:54 PM
Justice is a masquerade in Haiti. Only the poor get punished for stealing a loaf of bread while those who steal billions are left alone. Justice in Haiti hum kote ou ye. more »
Pierre, 03/23/17 2:52 PM
Dirije yon vil pa bat tanbou. Ng sayo toujou fe bagay tet anba. Misye te di nan yon forum NY bali si mwa prot au prince ap pi bel pase jan l teye nan ane 40 yo. Nad marinad. Tout... more »
Pierre, 03/23/17 2:50 PM
Valery is known for his spicy comments. I like to ask him if he commented on the attempt on Aristide's life, if so please afford me the opportunity to hear it. He tries his best... more »
Pierre, 03/23/17 2:46 PM