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Ki numero nou poum ka rele more »
Guerdy, 04/08/17 1:54 PM
You have finally grown up and reached maturity. Because you love technology, that does not mean you should buy every new models that come out. more »
Jonathan, 04/08/17 9:52 AM
The failure of the regularization plan. We are writing with frustration and pain this letter to denounce the hypocrisy of politicians involved in the plan of regularization of... more »
Injustice Social, 04/06/17 12:11 AM
My number 50944715225 I speak and write English fluently and would love to get a job as an well with others more »
Guenson Ambo, 04/03/17 7:58 PM
I speak And write English fluently. I'm a peoples person and works very well with others.please give me an opportunity to show you more »
Guenson Ambo, 04/03/17 7:51 PM
Sa pagen anyen Pou wè ak palman ayisyen yo ni ayisyen kote ou jwenn bagay saa tout mistic ki fèt se koz palman yo merci more »
Topsecret Jahlove, 03/30/17 10:20 AM
Travay aristid voye rat li yo fè tout tan aristid la Ayiti pap janm gen la paix more »
Topsecret Jahlove, 03/30/17 10:17 AM
Majistra sa yo trò salop, Kòm nom yo tèmine pa tra menm Jan ak fatra, pagen kotew pase port au prince pouw pa jwenn yon pil fatra kòmsi yo kite yo Pou yo manje, more »
Topsecret Jahlove, 03/30/17 10:14 AM
I am Lovinsky Baptiste,i am 33 years old. I speak English,French. I use to translate for missionary people who come from abroad. I am a technician about electricity. I would like... more »
Baptiste Lovinsky, 03/29/17 9:16 AM