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It is unfortunate that these bus companies think that they are not responsible for their acts. I am also a victim of a similar situation. One of the bus companies "Sunshine... more »
Riche Zamor, 03/13/17 4:27 AM
I think TPS should be renewed because the country is not able to receive 58 000 people in spite of aftermath conditions besides unstable economy, added extensive welfare and the... more »
Jacques Janvier, 03/12/17 10:48 PM
Gèt manmanl, sé sou réjim kaka sa a kém té pèdi konténèm nan sou waf jérémi port au prince lan nan dwan port au prince, an... more »
Patrick Princivil, 03/11/17 9:29 PM
Nou se youn peuple ki fuck up nan mentalite' admettons Haiti incapable nan laboratoire pour ces genres danalyse autopsy ( yo ta voye' biosy) cadavre la nan laboratoire American... more »
Marc Sou Facebook, 03/11/17 4:52 PM
From what I've seen, the Lagonave Project could be a great thing for Haiti and the Haitian Peoples specially the Lagonave resideence. It will create lots of Job, bring Investment... more »
Gerald Jeanpierre, 03/11/17 12:08 PM
Those carriers are common in the third world. But it always really bothers me when I see a man pulling one. Blessings, John Hines more »
John Hines, 03/10/17 1:29 PM
Je suis Frantz Cenoble agent de SECURITE j'ai 30 ans j'ai l'habitude de travailler dans d'autres entreprise mai j'aimerais participer avec vous pour aider a maintenir la securite... more »
Frantz Cenoble, 03/10/17 1:19 PM
Je vous dis bonjour, je tiene à vous félicité pou votre travail dans le pays,d'un même coup je profite de l'occasion pour vous dis que je suis un jeune... more »
Javel Schinader, 03/08/17 1:07 PM
I am looking for a job as security guard at your embassy. I have 21 years experience with certificates : Canada, Missouri and from academy police of Haiti Capacity to speak and... more »
Guerrier James, 03/07/17 2:10 PM