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RE: AUDIO Haiti - The SWEET Micky Interview that Drove Jean Monard Metellus OUT of Radio Caraibes FM

Unfortunately for Haiti, all other former presidents of other countries are either teaching at the university or writing a book. more »

RE: Haiti-USA Visa Question : Does traveling to the Dominican Republic Increase your chances of getting a US Visa?

False. The USA Visa system works independently of any outside influence such as traveling to another country. Your request must meet specific visa requirements of the US. It is a false notion to think that. more »

RE: Leogane Haiti - Police Chief Telemaque Claude Arrested for Drug Trafficking and Transported to the United States

Barnabbas, the narrow view is: "jij visye", but justice has a price everywhere and it is bought even in the USA. The past governments (1986-2014) have signed away our sovereignty through an agreement with the US via DEA. "Qui n'est pas... more »

RE: EBOLA - Haiti Blocks Entry of MINUSTAH Soldiers from Senegal until they are tested for the EBOLA Virus

It is not because the country is surviving off the international charity that we do not have a voice. Next step is to ask those mercenaries to leave the land of Toussaint & Dessalines. more »

Haiti - Charlemagne Peralte - Don't we need men like him today? Haiti is in the same predicament

Don't we need men like Charlemagne Peralte today? Haiti is in the same predicament. Mercenaries are trampling the sacred soil left by our ancestors and Haitian presidents and politicians since 20 years ago only validate the unnecessary occupation... more »

RE: Haiti Caricature - Is Jean Claude Duvalier going to Heaven or Hell?

This is ONLY for God to decide. more »

RE: Haiti Prison Break was to Liberate Clifford Brandt, Haitian Police Confirms

Always be skeptical of any official version of any situation, events, or issues? Take it with a grain of salt. The truth will come out someday. more »

RE: Haiti - Terrible Traffic Accident in Morne Tapion, Many Dead, Many more Injured

We need a new transportation system with rules, regulations, laws and consequences for any and all infractions. more »

RE: New Haiti License Plates Starting October 2014

Good idea, but we are going backwards. A lot of states in the US are getting rid of the license plates because it is wasting resources, money, etc., and now we are going to start the old process. One license plate is enough. We are only giving... more »

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