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Religion is all fucked up, whoever is preaching Christianity is all fucked up by religion. Those Haitian pastors are keeping these people in ignorance so that they can fill up... more »
Ghislaine Decayette, 03/16/17 2:28 AM
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Homeloan, 03/15/17 3:15 PM
Sorry, I don't believe this is true for the majority. There may be some like that but not many. I never heard that song or anything similar sung in churches. more »
Bobv, 03/15/17 2:10 PM
That is the reason I do not go to a Haitian church more »
F Etienne, 03/15/17 12:36 PM
That song that you've quoted is also an American Gospel Song. It does not literary mean poverty. When you look around there are many evil ways one can come to wealth: such as... more »
Evincent, 03/15/17 11:51 AM
Oh Lord sa tro funny m paka ri non wi c vre yo mete ko yo mal pa gn anyin ki di siw riche ou paka sevi Die en faite roi David Salomon, Job yo tout t rich nan sans pa yo et yo t... more »
Jj, 03/15/17 11:04 AM
I need a job plz more »
Murielle Bosse, 03/14/17 1:04 PM
Ignorance mele avek religion se ou gro maladie ou moun te ka soufri. Nou gin youn ou bo ki potestan kap radote tout jounin propage la haine, epi ou lot ki nan vodou kap fe kap fe... more »
Garry, 03/14/17 12:18 AM
Ville Hinche Haiti nan Blackout preske chaque soir. EDH bak kouran bien ta le-w pa gen besoin li epi avan jour yo pran l ankor. Moun Hinche ap peye pou blackout, Mirebalais ap... more »
Hinche Haiti Nouvelles, 03/13/17 9:34 PM