This is the fact for African people all over the world(And yes...

Magumbo G Muntu - August 10 2017, 5:22 PM

This is the fact for African people all over the world(And yes we are still A Africans even though we are born in Haiti, But we are the only people who don't know our selves, for example we are the only race that have a so-called God that do not look like us. Some white jeasus, the lie because jesus was not white at all. But we African people in the world need to start loving our selves, Who give us the talent in the first place, it was not some white-Jesus, Africa is the cradle of man kjnd, So-called white people know it but we African people don't, anymore that's what Colonialism has given us, hate our selves and love everyone else. Indian, Chinese, Europeans.

all of them have been the ones who have been and still continue to kill us after 500 years.

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