From what I've seen, the Lagonave Project could be a great...

Gerald Jeanpierre - March 11 2017, 12:08 PM

From what I've seen, the Lagonave Project could be a great thing for Haiti and the Haitian Peoples specially the Lagonave resideence.

It will create lots of Job, bring Investment and quality of Life, how ever it most not have lup hole or any trick that will appear in later year and become disadvantage to the Haiti and the Haitian people, the work force have to be train from lowest to higher level, the Island residence would need Hospital School Health insurance Hospital, School, student aid to go study abroad.

Haitian citizen should be shareholder of the Project.

The Haitian Government shouldn't be procrastinate on this great opportunity, they should look in the Future of the Country and the Haitian peoples not themselves and corruption.

The Jovenel Moise Government should seriously give this opportunity a second taught before we lose to the Dominican Republic.

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