Well, well, well....Another misleading report with hidden...

Dr1 - June 17 2016, 11:15 AM

Well, well, well....Another misleading report with hidden agenda.

Anywhere in the world where you are ilegal you are subject to deportation.


Like the USA, Brazil, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and so on do it to Haitians and Dominicans, too. We know our history and won't let it repeat itself.

Haitians, be in our land legally...if not, have to go back. By the way ask yourself this question: What would happen to haiti without it's always helpful and generous neighbor?

Who really helps Haiti and wants to deal with Haiti?

Let's just be honest.

Don't hate us for what we became after that glorious 27 of February.

Grow as people and be civilized without hate and envy. It has not and will not take you nowhere.

May Haiti becomes a prosperous nation.

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