atProud To Be Haitian. And you were slaves to the French. And...

Ricart - February 26 2015, 5:23 PM

@Proud To Be Haitian.

And you were slaves to the French.

And Haiti is the poorest and most illiterate nation in the western hemisphere.

And after 200 years of being the first black-led Republic, Haiti got nothing to show for it.

And DR's economy is 7 times larger than that of Haiti

And DR's is full of resorts, foreign investments, and most of its streets are paved.

...and nothing will changed that.

This is a direct reply to: I don't give an F of what you have. You were our...

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You stupid than thought, I said,the Haitian...

@picart, truth is hurts,and yes, you were our slave...

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