Hum! get rid of the gourdes and replace it with the US $? Now...

Stew - June 20 2013, 6:16 PM

Hum ! get rid of the gourdes and replace it with the US $?

Now how many Haitians out of the 12 millions had access to the US $?

at one point it was HASCO, minotrie, darbone, odevea and we got rid of them, than it was the national army, we got rid of that too. now is the gourdes fault and you want to get rid of it?

remember those decisions has unintended consequences and reprocaution! nan ka sa a! kisa ayisyen itil ayiti?

we got our priority backward.

the solution is very simple.

stop building in the agriculture zones such as: la pleine du cul de sac, plaine de leogane, artibonite etc. remember what we are importing from the D.R are produced by haitian chip labor.

nou pap plante l lakay nou min nou al plante l lakay vwazin an. this mindset need an overhaul

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