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Le dollar haïtien n'est pas une monnaie virtuelle mais une monnaie imaginaire

La plupart des transactions en Haïti se calculent en dollar haïtien tandis que les règlements en monnaie sonnante et trébuchante...

Survey for school project

Hi, my name is Santhya and I am doing a project in school about the Haitian culture. I made a few questions I would like you guys to answer, just...

Army in Haiti

for all the purposes stating by authorities, for all the charges and excuses given 500 troups will not be sufficient to do all that. How many they...

Hait sports forum, Lets chat about soccer

I notice no discussion on sports here. Lest start one

Corn flakes makers on haiti

If I wanted to b find out the contact info of popular cornflakes manufactures in haiti where could I get thay info? Thanks

Haiti importation ciment Republique Dominicaine

Haiti a importé plus de 500 millions de dollars de ciment en 6 moi, a rapporté la banque central dominicaine

Josue Merilien announces a manifestation to denounce the 2017-2018 budget

National Union of Haitian Professors (Unnoh) coordinator Josue Merilien announces a manifestation to denounce the 2017-2018 budget on Thursday 5...

Can distant cousins marry in Haiti?

Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone knows if distant cousins ever become lovers and/or marry in Haiti?

Sport: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi et Neymar les 3 finalistes pour the best FIFA awards 2017

La FIFA a dévoilé les 3 finalistes pour le titre de joueur de l'année 2017 « The Best FIFA Awards », ce vendredi 22...

FLASH: Manifestan ap volè bannann malerez nan Mache Hinche la - Manifestation 20 Septembre 2017

Nan ville Hinche Haiti, Manifestan ap vole zafè ti peyizan yo nan mache a jounen Mercredi 20 Septanm 2017 la. Jodi a se jou mache hinche, yon...