Restoration of the 365-Doors Palace in Haiti

Lionel Vernet - May 7 2013, 4:25 PM

I think our President is showing himself very intellectual by this action and we praised him for that. Sa pa travay yon moun fou. Joseph Michel Martelly se yon sitoyen Ayisyen konsekan and nou di bravo Mr. President.

Well, I am very familiar with this Palace and it was a shame under the Duvalier to see this historic monument become a VSN bureau.

My big brother lives right behind the Palace in the road going to La Crete-a-Pierrot, another historical monument.

As an Artibonitien, Borelien par surcroit, je loue President Martelly pour ce geste magnanime.

I believe the Nation should be aware of what he has done there au Palais des 365 portes.

Vive President Martelly !

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It feels so weird to see this place again, which we...

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