That's very good and interesting as well. we need more than...

Jean Claude - May 3 2013, 1:06 PM

that's very good and interesting as well. we need more than that quantity.

let us bring Haiti back to "la couleure verte" then we will be able to fight hunger and poverty.

But i also believe that the Government could help all Haitians living in Haiti to have at least a two burner gas tank. Congratulation Mr. President!!! we have to get to the ground if we really want to help these desperate people.

My heart goes for the children and all of those students who finished with their 'bakalorea e filosofi yo tou'pa inkyiete-nou, sa pral change pou nou tout. le sa-a nou tout va danse banda!!!!I LOVE YOU MY HAITIANS BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

God Bless Haiti!!!

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