Hi everyone, I am in Haiti from November/2012 until March/2013...

Patrick Princivil - March 27 2013, 3:46 PM

Hi everyone,

I am in Haiti from November/2012 until March/2013 and I am still in Haiti, I have to tell you the truth; whoever don't listem will feel it. You're talkig about centieme of Land and Karo of land, be careful.

this is so painful to buy a land and later somebody come with heavy weapons to kick you out on your own money.

I don't tell anybody don't buy land in Haiti, but at your own risk. I heard people in Haiti buy land in Haiti 5 times and more, they still lost the land and the money, sometime with their houses.

This mean they buy it, somebody came and said this person don't have the righ paper; later another one came and did the same thing until you don't have money to repay the land and take it from you. Even-though you buy a land from the Haitian's government you can lose your money.

The funy thing is US-Canada and other countries almost buy the whole land of Haiti, nobody can make them pay land to many times, because money talks.

Raqueteurs own the police stations in Haiti, this mean if the raqueteurs sell the land for 100,000. 00 dollars, they share $50,000.00 dollars to Police, Judges, Lawyers etc. to cover for their ass, when the owner come with his original's paper and take it from you, the raqueteurs don't even run away, you will not be able to get your money back from them, that's why they by the police of Haiti for half in that money.

Land in Haiti is like loto (649), if you buy land of Haiti and win goodluck

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