Land in Haiti, a KARO TE in Haiti, has an area of 90,000 square meters

Haspyl Lazarre - March 26 2013, 9:57 AM

Hi sir, since you are looking for better information, I suppose my intervention could be useful.

A square piece of land, so called KARO TE in Haiti, has an area of 90,000 square meters.

Its perimeter is 1200 linear meters.

When talking about one hundredth of tè standard area, we must divide it by one hundred and the quotient will be 900.

This derivative might be a square too, because it is from the division of a square figure into four equal parts.

Due to the perimeter of this one is 120, we understand that its sides are the same measures (30 meters ).

Then a 100x100 sq. feet is almost the same than a 30x30 sq. meters and a 50x100 sq. feet is 15x30 sq.meters.

In this way, from one side of KARO TE, we may at least get 10 pieces of land of 100x100 sq.ft or 30x30 sq. meters and so on.

As I remember, when I was studying civil engineer in architecture at GOC Université, my teachers made me study the rules of constructions in Haiti.

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