Woodring... for once, I have to agree with you:the intention...

Paul - March 18 2013, 7:33 PM


for once, I have to agree with you:the intention is not even there.

The people is waiting for the leader to take some action, while the leader is asking the people to "pran konsyans".

At least, the people cannot say that they did not see this coming.

I had the priviledge to finally take a trip to Dominican Republic last year, and see what Haiti could look like. I would like the haitian leader to explain to the haitian people the reason why Haiti is so far behind the Dominican Republic.

By the way, President Danilo Medina, of The Dominican Republic, recently announced his determination to proceed with the construction of a highway that would cut through three National Parks and provide a seventh route from San Juan de la Maguana in the southwest to the central city of Santiago de los Caballeros (El Rubio-Sabaneta).

In other news, they are testing a second subway line to supplement the first one, that I had the pleasure to see in operation when I was there last year. That's what I call a country with the intention to move forward.

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