God is the one who gives security. I f we want Haiti to be...

Jean Claude - February 5 2013, 12:21 PM

God is the one who gives security.

I f we want Haiti to be secure first, we all need to go to Him to do so for us. Remember my friends, words are powerful and God used WORDS to create everything we are taking for granted today.

Stop cursing with our mouth what God said is GOO!!!We Haitians are good people and we are positive.

let us change our conceptions about this beautiful Island of ours and give a chance to millions of youths in Haiti who finished college and have no way to succeed in Haiti because of bad economy and reckless management.

I think the too need a chance just like we all have to enjoy life and live as human not as no body. the earth is the Lord and all that is in it. We all deserve to live free and peaceful.

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