We cannot judge until it is confirmed. stay tuned. They are a...

Ketty - November 12 2012, 12:40 PM

we cannot judge until it is confirmed.

stay tuned.

They are a lot of no hearted people living in haiti.

You must understand folks, it is a matter of money.

Some people will do anything for me, despite all the money they have, however they need more. Do not qualify and disqualify any one yet. The truth and evidence will come out one day. You may be surprised of certain people that might have gotten involved.

It is quick money.

You know in Haiti, the more money you have, the more respect you get. They are a lot of low selfesteem people downthere.

ti sousou kap fe tout bagay pou kob. pi ga ou nou di anyin.

You don't know what people can do. I hope you are not surprised.

If it was a poor man being accused, it would have been true without any facts, right.

I am sick and tired with your haitian mentality.

You have to change it and be realistic.

At first, haitian people did not believe that Clifford Brandt was a thief and criminel.

Stay tuned.

God is opening up your eyes. Remember that the devil is strongly associated with money, once you are too close to him for money, he will give you up next

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