Gracia Delva and M. Martelly are involved

Son Of Haiti - October 28 2012, 11:01 PM

Did anybody pick up on this "According to, Depute Gracia Delva did intervene in the Haiti-Dominican border in favor of 2 or 3 French nationals who were mistaken for potential "Bourgeois" from Haiti trying to escape to the Dominican Republic." Eventually, we will know the truth.

Ilocekonpa said Gracia intervened to help 2 or 3 French citizens to cross the border.

Number one, whenever a French citizen facing legal challenges abroad, it is not a depute from several jurisdictions away who come to solve the problem, rather it is the French diplomats in the region who have the mandate and capacity to secure the safe passage and or the safety of the French citizens.

If Mr. Gracia was a depute in Ouanaminthe, that would have been a different issue.

Number two, it is 2 or 3 people?How ironic for Gracia to found himself in the border assisting others to cross over. I would suggest that the Haitian government ask the US government to send some expert interogators of course, at Brandt expense to assist the Haitian Police Force on this case. everyone involved, direct or indirect must to go prison otherwise, this case will hunt Martelly to his grave.

Now, Clifford in prison...

Gracia MIA?

Sign: Son of Haiti

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