Caracol Park Industrial will open 65:000 jobs, It sound good...

Patrick Princivil - October 21 2012, 6:52 AM

Caracol Park Industrial will open 65:000 jobs,
It sound good to me. But remember that?

US government have a lot experience to rule over countries, but they don't have any desire to see us doing better, that's why you can take 1 hour 15,minutes to com from Haïti and to go Miami or from Miami to Port au prince Haïti.

Look at Miami?

And look at Haïti?

Can you compare Haïti with our neighbor US: the super power in the world?

You can see they don't like us.

We where occupied by US government from 1915-1934; we are not strangers for US government.

They focus on Haïti 100 percent a second time from: 1986-2012;
I want you to understand that, you diaspora from everywhere in the world, I am not a terrorist, but I have to tell you the truth.

You have to be organized and honest, stealing government of Haiti or anywhere is a sin (Exodus 20:3-17).

What US Goverment and the thieves of Haïti have done to Haïti is a deception.

It is so painful to see dogs, cats and all the other animals find foods to eat, they even find doctor, but poor people of Haïti don't have this option, what do you think about that?

I will never trust US government, Duvalierist, Lavalas' party, Unité's party including all other corrupt party of Haïti. Try to give President Martelly credit because all other parties who came before President Martelly have to come out of politic, unless they change the name of Duvalier, Lavalas and Unité.

You know that, the proverb says: when you know cat is thief, just make him or her watch (mantègre), but we ca not even make these thieves watch that (mantègre).


Understand what I feel,

Haïti Caracol Industrial Park Officially opens 22 Oct 2012;
How many company like that Haïti Have?

A. Company who will create 60:000 jobs, how many we have like that?

Guette manman toute politiciens pachiman, sa yo,
sé vòlè yo yé.

I am sharing that with you guys, because I still see Hillary Clinton will fly in Haïti about AFP ceremony report, great.

In Canada, the minimum wage is $10 per hour for general labor.

But I even hear in US the minimum wage is $7:50 per hour, I don't care.

Think about that! $10 Canadian or US per hour is $80:00 Haitian's money.

But the Haitian' s people made $5:00 US for the whole day. Money we make for a very simple general labor, in 1 hour, people of Haïti make it in 2 or 3 days.

Diaspora! Support Président Martelly, we are very behind.

Ask a women who have a minimum 8 children in Haïti, how much she need to cook just a rice, beans, with a minimum 2 chickens, lettuce, tomatoes, juice etc?

When the Haitian's people get just $40 a day for general labor, what they will do with this kind of money?

In Canada if you make S10 per hour, instead of giving you $1000 for ten days, they give you $650 every 2 weeks and everything we by, 13 percent of that money is not for us, this 13 percent is for tax but, from the tax they take out of us, even thou we are not working, we found house to sleep, foods, doctors, medications, free schools and we can borrow money from the canadian's government to learn whatever we want. White people have brains, but I don't know why Haitian's people are like that it look like black people's brain build with dog' s shit.

I heard people of Haïti complain one day; one of the Goverment of Haïti before President Martelly just think about the poors who beg money on the streets of Haïti, they say: they don't have enough money to feed them, the president took a decision, they used big trucks, grabs them like cows or pigs or any animals to be killed; some of them said they killed them and trow them titanyin, but they are demon's process, maybe they eat them.

Please! Start to pay the nation of Haïtian's people properly and tax them properly, nobody will go in the grave with anything.

God don't deal with selfishness.

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