Would be a dream come true. Actually every Haitian that has...

Garry - October 17 2012, 3:27 PM

Would be a dream come true. Actually every Haitian that has gone to an African country returns very educated.

I know a few. I met one in Scotland.

Eventhough he didn't speak creol, he so happy to meet me.I spent to a great deal of time with him. He was there studying deep sea oil drilling.

We have led to believe that african countries are poor and it has not been the case at all, to the contrary.

My friend has gone there a few months ago for business and has not come back yet. My other friend went to Nigeria back in 1995 thinking he was going to impress people and he was mistaken.

Right now there is a whole debate about most world food supply might end up coming from Africa which is kept secret.

The story is, The soil in US and Europe has been destroyed with chemicals and unable to produce much any more while the African soil is still extremely fertile.

So any way it will be to our greatest interest.

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