I can't believe that everyone is so blind and can't see this...

Ana Dayiti - October 15 2012, 10:35 AM

I can't believe that everyone is so blind and can't see this for what it really is, a smear campaign against someone who really wants to help.

Wyclef actually cares about Haiti and was trying to help. He was out there helping before the earthquake.

After the earthquake he was out there picking up dead bodies off the street.

You have all these NGOs in Haiti, not doing a darn thing.

They collect money and pretend that they are going to Haiti to help but they are out there living it up at the beach and at the disco.

No one would see that because CNN or the New York Times did not talk about it.

I get so discouraged that things are ever going to get better because people these days think that they are educated and know so much but are just puppets.

The media tell them what to think.

They can't analyze a situation and make up their own minds.

Whatever the paper or the TV says is gospel and some of you talk about God. The media is your God! The Red Cross supposedly "could not account for" millions of dollars in donation that people made for Haiti after the earthquake.

Do you think that they are going to be investigated?

absolutely not. They spend 90 cents on every dollar that is donated to a cause on administrative expenses.

Only 10 cents goes to the cause.

Do people out there think that this is mismanagement?!! Of course not.

The newspaper or the TV did not suggest that to them so why would they "think".

It is very discouraging out there for people who really want to make a change.

large organizations with a lot of money who are not really about improving people's lives will never be investigated because they are not interfering with the status quo.

If you're a small organization who wants to help and have no capital, no one will bother because you don't have the money to get anything done anyway.

You're not much of a threat.

The minute you get some money, and can really make a change watch what happens to you. That's what we're witnessing here with this YELE story folks.

Don't be fooled...

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