Please! Follow this instruction to survive my brothers and...

Patrick Princivil - October 14 2012, 2:36 AM

Please! Follow this instruction to survive my brothers and sisters.

We can not compare clean with unclean; the whole world is in a critical situation.

Nuclear bacteria and all kind of chemical poison the sea and all rivers who produce water.

The chlorine they pretend threat the water is already poison by itself.

Fish God allow us to it (Leviticus 11 or Deuteronomy 5) are poison, Please! Please!
Filter or boil your water before you drink it.

Another critical thing: think about Haïti, people of Haïti just dig holes and build bathrooms?

This is a nasty thing.

Build a reservoir, put stairs in that reservoir, find plastic container ( droum), steak it in the reservoir, when the container (droum) is full, drop chemical on it against smelling, maybe drop it in your farms land for gras production for landscape.

Remember chemical kill humanity and animals.

If you find a best place to drop your caca let me know.

Good luck

God bless you

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