My friend, what I try to explain to is: President Martelly...

Patrick Princivil - August 24 2012, 6:42 PM

My friend,

what I try to explain to is: President Martelly tried to be President of Haiti and he became President, in the middle of people with demon's process: some of them are freemasons, some of them are loup-garoup and all kind of demonic forces.

These demons they have, already put their foots on the Haitian's necks to make the Haitian's people suffer, to keep Haiti miserable, unclean etc. if you serve the same gods with them how you will change it?

8 Presidents are in Haiti, maybe some of them are repent already, if yes, the rest have fat demons in their hands to harm the nation of Haiti.

Believe me,

remember that, if you are uner Satan's hand, if he tell you eat shit you don't eat it, he will cut off your neck.

Haiti need a serious person who believe in God in heaven to take control over Haiti.

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No one can changes a system if one not believes in...

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