My friend, I understand what you say, but I am in Canada from...

Patrick Princivil - August 24 2012, 1:46 PM

My friend,

I understand what you say, but I am in Canada from 1990-2012, when I see white people threat hymanity defferent than black people, why?

we have the same brains with them why we are like that?

In US-Canada they charge in proper way, I think all the diasporas will be happy to comeback home, but la douane is a base for us to bring our things to Haiti slowly! slowly! but you know la douane was a Voodoo temple from before 1957-2011; it doesn't suppose to be like that, we have to pray to God to put a good Christian to be President of Haiti, this new president will bring all the good church's members in the parliament and empty la douane to put good people, white-now it is corrupt don't send your thing there.

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Patrick Remember, we have chance to go to school...

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