Patrick Remember, we have chance to go to school that's able...

Amonnon Louis - August 24 2012, 9:54 AM

Patrick Remember, we have chance to go to school that's able us to make a good judgement and analyse things different than others.

we cannot repeat what others say, you know why, because we have our mind made up to visualize thing another way.If for example, you have ascertained things like that you let it go, they will consider you as non-sense like them who believe they are super-intelligent.As soon you verify it, take it to the court they will surprise because they don't believe in justice but repression.

Believe me or not, the day we open our spiritual eyes we will succeed and have better way in our country.

Don't raise voice in serious thing calm spirit always victorious.This is my belief.

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I don't know for now, but before President Martelly...

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