Ignore Haiti's dilemma, is ignore ourselves, let put together...

Amonnon Louis - August 24 2012, 8:08 AM

Ignore Haiti's dilemma, is ignore ourselves, let put together with respect for our authorities to solve Haiti's problems.

We can if we want, Haiti is going backward for decade and nobody wants to get in the game to show the maneuver we understand what game they are playing to turn us down before the world eyes. we must speak up to say what we think, what we think can make a difference in Haiti.

Stop borrow our head to let the merciless in Haiti drink our blood, to stop us love our country.

Let stop them with the voice reason without disrespecting them, claim our right before the judge of the country to fight with them, we will see our victory with our own eyes. speaking with peace is the power to retain the evil of Haiti.

God bless us.

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Kom nou ka remake, yap vole sa nou genyen pandan ke...

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