Houngan Matt, Stay out of Haitian People's business

Sweet Jones - August 19 2012, 3:43 PM

"Houngan" Matt is a bogus houngan, who had a bogus ceremony.

They made an ass out of the white man who wanted to be Haitian.

Now he thinks he is a voodoo priest.

Well, he does not even know what color corresponds with what lwa. He has opened a "shop" online.

He is all over the internet trying to sell these hideous bottles.

He has one for Papa Simbi / Danto.

Papa Simbi''s color is Green and white, those who serve him wear light blue. This bottle was neither.

This bottle is also not for Ezili Danto, her color is SILVER and navy blue. Not Gold. What a joke! He claims to be a high priest, well this is elementary my dear ;)

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