He should be ashamed of himself that so called Dominican. Yes...

Lala - July 19 2012, 4:13 PM

He should be ashamed of himself that so called Dominican.

Yes being born in DR makes you Dominican but not natively.

does he not recall in history when a massacre was put out on all Haitians across the border, in DR, Dominican born or not. They wanted no Haitians in DR at all. This is why I agree that the haitian government should shut down all trade across the Domican borders because they need the trade more than we do. The Haitian society gives the Dominicans so much power to them that is not necessary, anything they can do, we can do. We just have to invest in ourselves and where we live. We were known as the pearl of Antilles, not DR. We supported so many others before our downfall.

We are our own downfall.

Right now, we have the highest rates for tourism, so we are making progress.

They demand apologies for 22 years of regression, smh. We made DR, if DR is standing tall, they should thank us, because it is our labor that has put them where they are. Haiti, our time is coming, and one day, Domincicans will look for mercy at our feet.

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