You cannot compare Voodoo with Buddhism, and the Dali Lama...

Josy - July 11 2012, 10:25 PM

You cannot compare Voodoo with Buddhism, and the Dali Lama does not kill innocent Tibetans.

He is all about love, and compassion.

I never heard horror stories about the buddhists, and have read about them. They pray, fast, and make huge sacrifices.

You have nuns, and monks who gave up their entire lives to prayers.

They are the children of Abraham's concubines, and was given a lower form of spirituality.

I am a witness, and victim of the negativity of Voodoo.

There is a possibility of a "good side" of it, but I have never heard of lived it.

The collective negativity of Haitians split the earth open, and they still don't get it. The bible is very clear about earthquakes, and you can read it for yourself.

You should not have other gods, and there is only one GOD. The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

I can spend days telling you my story, and it is not rumors or gossips.

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