I do not think that an amendment of the Haitian constitution...

Taly - July 10 2012, 11:00 PM

I do not think that an amendment of the Haitian constitution is enough to stop the practice of voodoo in Haiti.

mostly because the Haitian govenment has no means to enforce the laws that it legislates.

most Haitian are not even aware of what their constitution says, there is no means to hold them accountable for not following the laws. In short just declaring something unconstitutional is not enough to stop someone from doing it.
And to those of u mentioning the bible, even god gives us a choice so banning a certain religion(if voodoo is even considered a religion afte all) is not the way to go.what if they banned all religions, how would we feel as Christians?

Why not leave the freedom of religion n after that the people who decide to steer away from god's law pay for their choices.

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