I respectfully disagree. No one can ban vaudouism from...

Bernadette - July 10 2012, 10:49 PM

I respectfully disagree.

No one can ban vaudouism from happening in Haiti, law or no law. Vaudouism is a way of life, it is culture and a prevalent one at that. If colonial laws could not stop vaudouism in Haiti, what makes you think a feeble crowd pleasing 1987 law could prevent it from happening?

I am not worried, this is all a joke right now.What is precisely the reason they want to stop vaudou again, hahaha?

If vaudou is wrong then we must say the whole black race is wrong.

If the whole black race is wrong, please, pretty please, tell me why Petion, Oge, Chavannes, L'Ouverture, Dessalines Were working for?

Was their work in Vain?

I would HATE to think so.

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