Isit true or false that haiti is poor, dirty, full of...

Si.journalismonline - July 9 2012, 8:56 AM

Isit true or false that haiti is poor, dirty, full of restaveks (nick name used for a modern children slaves)?.The answer is true. Do haitians truly need to revolt against such practices the answer is true. By abolishing them who will be the beneficiaries and the loosers?

those stupids and idiots entrepreneurs including the selfish politicians will loose the restaveks the free slaves and all ti sachet dlo all over the country.

We can not be frustrated for the articles, we should not blame newspapers for telling the world our way of living.

It's embarrassing but in reality are they telling lies on us?

the answer is no.Do we have the courage to change our situation?

What can we do to teach haitians the way to live without trash everywhere (pou pep sa kite malpwop), to respect each other, to build a political stability, I'ts our duty as haitians citizen to accept the constructive criticism, learn from them, and make something positive come out of them.Stop blaming the media let's blame ourselves for our sorry situation.

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