Hello guys! You have to be wise. You Diasporas! you know how...

Patrick Princivil - July 7 2012, 4:28 PM

Hello guys!

You have to be wise. You Diasporas! you know how some police in US-Canada the radar guns to rob drivers, some police use radar guns as a busines to put money in the government' caisse: I understand that, if you see somebody is speeding at anytime, this person as to take a ticket, but hiding somewhere to give 3.000.000 or more people tickets a day for speeding is not fair. Maybe the government give them discount for that. The funny thing, they don't give tickets to the drivers who drive government's bus. You have to be careful about that, now what will happen?

The Haitian's police are already corrupt, they will use that, like a business to put money in their pockets.

I watch the way they threat humanity of Hpeople's tire. They are very savage with Canada's government.

No free service, pay them properly to train the Haitian's police before you do system, if they see this person don't have any desire to change, now you get a fat ticket.

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