Believe me guys, Haiti has to fix properly like before...

Patrick Princivil - July 7 2012, 2:42 AM

Believe me guys,

Haiti has to fix properly like before 1804-1957, I want white people to figure out who are the pigs in Haiti.

We can be poor, but not unclean like that. I am proud of 99 percent police of Canada-US. Hell and paradise are something between God and them, but they are doing a good job to protect humanity.

I hope these radar guns will apply for everybody: for senators, deputies even thou if you catch President Martelly speeding, he should get a ticket like everybody.

Whatever UN government have to have emergency light on their trucks to be able to go faster than regular drivers.

No question if somebody is very high in the Haitian's government, you're speedinghave undercover police to watch the thieves' Haitian police in Haitic

Guys! Be smart, a lot thieves rob Haiti for many years, a lot of them pay the price, January/12/2010, organize yourself.

I am honest with you: US government don't have any desire to help us to come out from that shit. They make billions and billions from our stupidity.

Let us recognize our mistake and don't do it again.

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