The money from the nation security card will buy read built...

The money from the nation security card will buy read built homes for farmers.

Here is how it works
no one is allow to own over two ecres of land unless he or she is a registered farmer.

Each house will be big enough to accomodate a large family.

Each farmer will be rquired to work on the land properly to repay for the house.

mean while we as the diapora is still supporting the country with a small contribution of $5 or $10 each week with the amount of haitian out of Haiti, it will make a great amount a week. That money will continue on building roads electricity and water.

Meanwhile the government taxes paying for school and other public works such as parks, libraries, museums, stadiums other amusement cites.

The tap-tap is the worse thing that could ever hapen to Haiti.

It should be stoped and replaced by real taxis.

each taxi company will go through a regulation such as keeping the taxi clean at all time everything will be inspected every three months to make sure that the taxi is in good condition to craay passenger.

with this, thousands of people will work for instence drivers, mechanics, body workers and a cleanner.

real buses will run from a certain point to an other which will give thoursands of people jobs.
Having everything licenced and regulated everything and everyone will be safe and controled.

Schools: every one day a week, kids from 12 to 16 should have workshop ( a manual skill training) by the age of twenty these kid will already be fully skilled.

Language should be though by a native of that language origine and shoud be a full day.
Math, Science, art, art history should be tough from very ealy age therefore the kids will grow up
as genius.

politic should be tough from early age.
all schools should have cafeteria because that's where kid get to extrange ideas.

we are like dog eat dogs now because we never had the chance to seat together and eat. all schools should carry the same uniform the emblem or broach can be different.

Those things i say are just basic things that will make a place run smouth with basic love and unity not class and division.

Moreover what Rhum Barbencourt, Cement D'haiti, Prestige and all the others ever gave back to haiti,
I could say a lot more but after I get your responce.


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