Surprisingly, my family is ok with the idea. I told my mother...

Etienne - June 24 2012, 3:59 AM

Surprisingly, my family is ok with the idea. I told my mother and siblings that I was seriously thinking of moving back to Haiti and they answered: good, we will visit.

I was expecting a different answer.

I understand why people are skeptical about Haiti for now, everybody is hopeful that the cycle has broken and that Haiti will finally move forward but are cautious and taking a wait and see approach.

The idea of a lot of us thinking of moving back if it becomes reality, will make a big different and will be a good thing for Haiti.

Haiti's best days are on the horizon and it most precious resources, the diaspora, moving back will be a great boost for real change there.

Let's all move back go make history and once and for all, rid Haiti of the stigma of being the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

We can do it together.

Vive Haiti Cherie!

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