Being human, we are naturaly attach to our birthcountry...

Ed - June 23 2012, 6:37 PM

Being human, we are naturaly attach to our birthcountry.

Specialy the place we grow up, have fun in school and some other blocks.

We will never forget our country Haiti even bad thing never stop happen.

Feel like to come back in our own country is living inside everyone.

Most of us think comeback a day and make a better life. Some of us thinking to comeback and doing business.

People in other countries like Jamaica scare too to comeback in their country.

MY sister has 22 years since she has been living here USA. She told me yesterday she wants to comeback and I didn't beleive her. She said that she works for nothing for the white pleople.

She has a nice car and a nice great home but she feels they are not belong to her because when the time bill come up and she can't pay for them she has too much stress.

Plan to comeback is a good plan.

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