When i told my friends and family that i wanted to move back...

Ricky - June 23 2012, 6:34 PM

When i told my friends and family that i wanted to move back to Haiti, to start a new life, they thought i was crazy.

specially my wife, since she is not Haitian, she was totally against it. Guest what i didn't listen to none of them, i took the plonge.

here i am 2 years later, running a succesful business, have plenty time to enjoy my life, bought a nice piece of land on the beach.

My wife just move here, and she loves it.

Organic food year around, inexpensive, Belle bagay, the most i spent in the syates now is 2 weeks.

always a pleasure to head back home. Mwn rinmin payimm nan anpil.

An off of South beach, Coconut Grove, now its Boutilier, Jacmel Lully, Cite soleil, Careffour, Le Montsel, La reserve, Kaliko, The list goes on and on.

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