Oh dear, I did not say! I stayed in Ayiti almost 2 yrs alone...

Maggy Gousse - June 23 2012, 5:47 PM

Oh dear, I did not say!

I stayed in Ayiti almost 2 yrs alone as an adult with respect of my being.

In addition to my other activities, I began to go in schools and worked in Cite Soleil.

I began a project for schools and it is still on. The reason, I want to go back! I stayed till the Aristide candidacy and his terrible speaches bringing people against people! The nice good people of Haiti were changing into mean, envious and revolutionary people against thier own unlike, the revolutionary days of 1804 against the French.

I believe Ayiti has not recovered from this horrible mis-information given by Aristide, era. The only way to bring goodness back is goodness to go, stay or not! Better stay though because goodness takes a while for re-grow.

to be a terrible being is easy to be and people do not even realize it! I go for the longterm goodness, we once had! I wish more of us would too and I'm going soon providing this Realtor I attempted to contact in Ayiti returns my email and calls! Nou kon Ayiti!

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It's interesting indeed to see our close ones...

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