It's interesting indeed to see our close ones reaction! I did...

Maggy Gousse - June 23 2012, 5:08 PM

It's interesting indeed to see our close ones reaction! I did this in the year 1999 and beleive me, everyone was panicking.

I went eitherway and had the time of my life discovering, Me. Me as who I am and not what I'm supposed to be. My father and brother came to Haiti to get me and had the intention to bring me back. I could not believe it, I thought they were visiting me. I persisted and stayed.

I had a fun television career, had my appartment in Petionville ( a women alone therefore you can imagine the gossip) $ I did my 1st Real Estate transaction, leasing my parents home. Today, I mentioned to about 3 different people, I have intention of moving to Haiti again and I must say there it goes again! The bottom line either today or whenever, everyone is going to try to discorage you to go live in Ayiti.

You must stick to your true desire and the reason's why your going.

It must be genuine or you won't last. No matter what I say, go for it!

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