This is my plan to move back to Haiti in the future time but...

Wilfrid Brunache - June 23 2012, 4:59 PM

this is my plan to move back to Haiti in the future time but, family think I am crazy! Haiti my country enven I am living in the Dominican Republic for more than 20 years.

Others said that Haiti "pap janm chanje", Haiti will never change but, I think diferent.

Others said "there still have many witchcrafts and "Lougarou".

I think that Haiti is having change and the presint is doing a good job and he needs all the Haitians around the world to come back to our country to make it diferent.

The Haitians are like the children of Isreal in past time. I am praying God to make all the Haitians aroung the entire world to move back to Haiti someday! To do something for our Nation!

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